Lucky Cat - White Ale with Yuzu - $9.00

By Kizakura from Fushimi, Kyoto Japan. Brewed with Japanese citrus Yuzu and Japanese pepper Sansho. Fruity citrus aroma from Yuzu. Refreshing aftertaste with a hint of spiciness from Sansho. Modest bitterness from Saaz hops

Lucky Dog - Session IPA - $9.00

By Kizakura from Fushimi, Kyoto Japan. Brilliant citrus aroma from Citra hop. Modest bitterness from Saaz hop, and light & smooth aftertaste. Well balanced between bitterness and citrus flavor, with lighter body than usual IPA.

Lucky Chicken - Red IPA - $9.00

By Kizakura from Fushimi, Kyoto Japan. Fruity aroma with a hint of tropical fruits. Brewed with roasted malts, which brings red color and rich malty taste. Bitterness from Nugget hops, yet smooth aftertaste.

Sapporo - $5.00

A refreshing lager with a crisp, refined flavor and a clean finish.

Asahi - Super Dry - $5.00

Refreshingly crisp and clear taste.

Tsingtao - Lager - $6.00

A balance of doughy malt and grassy, slightly floral hops, with a distinct honey note as well. Finishes bittersweet with a light bitterness and sweetness and some honey lingering in the aftertaste. Smooth mouthfeel with a light body and medium carbonation.

Chin Curtin - IPA (GrosenBart) - $6.00

Best of Boulder County IPA's 2nd place 2015. India Pale Ale. Solid malty base. Strong notes of citrus. Generously hopped with CTZ, Chinook, and Simcoe.

Perfect Pills - (GrosenBart) - $5.00

GrosenBart's Perfect Pils is seductively complex, refreshing and easy to drink. A classic Pilsner made with light-colored Pilsner malt, and Saaz hops.

Bushido - $12.00

Bushido Ginjo Genshu Cup is a premium sake from Kyoto, Japan. It's smooth, crisp, and packs a punch with notes of tart raspberry and watermelon rind. Perfect for on the go, or really just any time.

Kiku-Masamune Dry Cup - $7.00

Exceptionally dry and versatile sake. This futsu-shu, or casual table sake, can be enjoyed with any dish. Kiku-Masamune brews this sake using the traditional kimoto method, like it has since the 1600’s, giving this futsu-shu a dry depth and sharp mouthfeel.

Kunizakari Nigori Cup - $10.00

Nigori is the term for unfiltered sake, with the rice sediment left suspended in the finished beverage. This gives a completely different texture, much creamier and almost milky. Moderately sweet and meant to be drank very cold for the best flavor.

Kikusui Funaguchi Nama Genshu Carafe - $12.00

Funaguchi has a rich, full-bodied flavor yet with a refreshing clean finish.

Born Gold Junmain Diaginjo - $21.00

This is a “muroka,” which doesn’t go through any refining treatments, keeping all the fine flavors and aroma intact. Extreme smoothness in texture is achieved by maturing at a temperature of 14 F for one year before blending.

Sakari Junmai Shu - $6.00 Sm/$10.00 Lg

Soft, smooth, light & dry; nutty notes mingling with herbs and spices.

La Playa - Sauvigon Blanc (White) - $8.00

On the nose, aromas of lemon, fresh pineapple with hints of lavender. It is a bright well balanced wine with a clean minerality on the finish.

99 Vines - Chardonnay (White) - $12.00

This light yellow colored Chardonnay opens with a light lemon bouquet with a hint of apple. The finish is dry and rather refreshing.

Anno Domini - Prosecco (White) - $11.00

Pleasant, light, fine and delicate, fruity, with a characteristic bouquet of apple. Dry and velvety, fresh, vibrant and fruity, full-bodied, harmonic, excellent acidity and alcohol, excellent long-lasting flavor, to be drunk young.

Anno Domini - Moscato (White) - $11.00

White Sparkling Wine which brings highly balanced sweet, acid, and salty sensations, introduced by a delicate refined peach, apricot, and rose nose.

La Bastarda - Pinot Grigio (White) - $8.00

Light straw-yellow in color with a hint of green. This wine has a rich nose with apple, pear and tropical fruit notes. On the palate, it is fresh, with lively acidity and a crisp finish.

Poggio Anima - Primitivo (Red) - $10.00

A dark, juicy, fruit-forward red, delivering layers of jammy plum and wild berry notes propped against medium tannins and a tangy, herb-tinged finish.

Josh Cabernet - Sauvignon (Red) - $11.00

Flavors of blackberry, toasted hazelnut and cinnamon, complemented by hints of vanilla and toasted oak.

Peak - Japanese Whiskey - $8.00

Light and easy drinking, boasting an extremely smooth, mellow character with hints of wildflower honey, malt, banana, and citrus.

Shinobu - Japanese Whiskey - $13.00

Perfumed and exotic seasoned woods, butterscotch, sandalwood, manuka honey, pepper, gentle clove, charred oak, and hints of dried cherry and strawberry on the nose. This is superb, with a smooth oily mouthfeel and deep reserves of fruitiness.

Rocker - Port Barrel Aged Bourbon - $12.00

A sweeter whiskey with caramel, butterscotch, and honey notes up front coupled with a light citrus and moderate oak finish. Nose comes across as sweet, creamy cereal. Enjoyably long warm finish.

Hot Tea - $2.75

Green, Jasmine, Honey Ginger

Iced Tea - $2.50


Soft Drinks - $2.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite

Ramune - $4.25

Grape, Honey Duw, Orange, Strawberry

Coedo 紅赤 Beniaka - $8.00

Brewed with roasted Kintoki Sweet Potatoes from Saitama Japan. This imperial Amber is rich and smooth bodied in style, perfectly balanced with earthy hop bitterness. With the aroma of caramel, sweet potato and hops, Beniaka delivers on all senses.

Coedo 毬花 Marihana - $8.00

Marihana, which means “hop flower” in Japanese, has a delicate, citrusy hop aroma. With the contrast of its light golden hues and fluffy white head, this session IPA delivers a highly drinkable beer without sacrificing on flavor. The beautiful aroma and sophisticated bitterness, combined with the balance of hops, gives this beer everything one could want in an IPA, with a lower alcohol content for drinkability. Session IPA ABV 4.5% Made from malt and hop Awards 2021 Australian International Beer Awards Bronze Award 2018 Australian International Beer Awards Bronze Award

Coedo 瑠璃 Ruri - $8.00

In Japanese, Ruri is the color of clear blue skies, and crystal clarity is what this incredibly pure premium pilsner is all about. Its flawless golden color contrasts beautifully with a soft, white head for an easy drinking brew that pairs well with almost any dish. Its delicate balance of rich flavors and hoppy bitterness is light on the palate and persistently enjoyable, providing a deliciously satisfying quaff for discriminating beer drinkers with sophisticated tastes.

Coedo 白 Shiro - $8.00

Wheat beer is instantly recognizable by its bright hue, tinged with a soft, milky white glow. Yeasts selected specifically for their ability to bring out sweet aromas from the wheat are complemented by fruity notes for a rich yet refreshing brew that is smooth on the tongue and goes down with a flourish. We chose the Japanese word for white for our Hefeweizen as a way to capture not only its bright color, but also its distinctively gentle character that is at once comforting and unique.

Coedo 伽羅 Kyara - $8.00

Kyara is the Japanese word for a deep golden brown color tinged with red, and gives its name to this beer of the same hue. Aromatic hops carry notes of white grapes and spicy citrus, while a fresh, clean bitterness unfolds on the palate. Six different malts are combined with a slightly higher than average alcohol content, bringing a more expansive flavor to this well-rounded, medium-bodied brew. Low-temperature lager yeasts make this a stand-up beer with a pleasant, crisp finish.

Coedo 漆黒 Shikkoku - $8.00

Shikkoku is a Japanese word that evokes the jet-black color of onyx, perfect for this enchantingly dark, slow-aged brew marked by an elegant, mellow flavor profile. Enigmatic shadows contrast sharply with the brightness of its fine, tea-colored head, while the fragrance of aromatic hops delights the nose. Two types of black malt join six other malt varieties for a black lager that is smooth, light, and balanced—never cloying. Japan proudly offers this dark jewel to stand among the best dark beers in the world.

Pavao - Vinho Verde - $8.00

A light citrus color, with the aromas of citrus fruits, green apples, and pears. It has a fresh, crisp taste, with good acidity and balance. Pairs well with seafood, appetizers, and light dishes.

Kinushiro Junmai Nigori - $20.00

With a 73% rice polishing ration this silky smooth and smartly chic in a chic frosted glass bottle, Kinushiro is a Junmai grade Nigori sake with a clean and refreshing aftertaste and a full but elegant character.